Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Post Game Comments

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault, via Rangers Report, met with the media following the Rangers loss to the Devils:

  • Do you have an update on Staal, “he took a shoulder to the chin there and he didn’t feel quite right so they are evaluating him now and we will have an update tomorrow.”
  • What do you mean” not quite right,” “All I was told was that he wasn’t feeling great.”
  • Is there more concern because of his history, “I would say that there is concern with any player when that happens but we will know more tomorrow.”

  • On scoring the first goal and losing, “I look at tonight, it was a hard fought game with not a lot of room. Both teams were defending well and competing hard. We go out in the third and have a great scoring chance right off the bat. Two really good chances on our first PP where we could have, I don’t want to say out of reach bu we could have had a cushion, all we gave up were two little individual mistakes that were Grade A chances and ended up in the back of the net. Pretty solid period overall. Cally got careless with his stick, 4 minute PP and game over.”
  • On the kicked goal, “I had a friend once tell me that they make it up as they go along…I’m not saying that but my buddy was saying that. (Laughter) Don’t worry about it.”
  • On not having Staal, “Marc is a real solid defender and with him and Ryan back to back it’s tough for the opposition when you have two pretty solid left hand defensemen. If for whatever reason he isn’t there tomorrow, there are some guys who have wanted more ice time and a bigger role and it will be there for him. We will see if they can grab it.”
  • On those chances they gave up going in, “it’s part of hockey. We are going to give up chances and we thought that for the most part, both teams battled real hard. They are a tough team that defends real well. It was a hard fought game.”
  • Would Staal have been out instead of Moore on Ryder’s goal, “yea, yea that would have been his turn to go. Johnny is a young defensemen and next time he will stop it.”
  • Cam tomorrow, “no…Hank is playing.”