Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Post Game Comments

Alain VigneaultOn 98.7 ESPN Radio, Alain Vigneault met with the media:

  • “I wouldn’t say that they controlled large stretches of the game. They got off their first shift a great scoring chance, when Crosby, a great player, beat a pretty good defensemen with a solid move but Hank did what you are supposed to do and stopped the puck. Where Hank really came in was on their first PP. They had 3 grade A chances and he made 3 unreal saves. After that I thought the plays balanced out on both sides. They didn’t get another scoring chance at 5 on 5 and then they made some mistakes and we made them pay. It’s a game where if you can make someone pay you will win some games.”
  • Did the D create more offense, “I thought that McDonagh, Staal, Girardi all had good games both ways, defending against a tough opponent, you needed a good gap and back pressure from the forwards. I thought we moved the puck a lot better tonight and that enabled us to create some quality scoring chances.”
  • On working with a player like Ryan Callahan, “he is a good player. There is no doubt there. He understands the game within the game on the ice and he gets those different little situations. He makes our team a really good team when he is playing the way he is right now.”

  • On Boyle and Zucc, “I was happy that Brian finally got his first goal. He has had some quality chances. Hopefully it’s the beginning for him. He competed hard, like Zuccy..same thing. When he uses his speed and he goes in those areas where he can retrieve pucks and create turnovers he is a very effective player.
  • On the PK, “Tonight, other than their first PP I think our guys did a real strong job. That first PP they moved it around real hard on us and then our guys settled down a little in taking lanes and blocking shots. They got a lucky bounce on their goal there.”
  • Is it too early to look at the standings, “To tell you the truth I am on a game to game basis, obviously looking at the big picture, but we are more focused on making sure we put a good game on the ice and doing the things we have to do on a consistent basis. Tonight we were focused on Pitt and now we get on the plane and get ready for Columbus.”
  • On the save Hank made on Sid, “that is one of the three great scoring chances that they got. That is what you need from your goalie. If they score there they can get momentum and puts us on our heels again. He makes some unreal saves and our guys feel confident.”
  • “Playing good defense is doing a lot of things without the puck, having a good stick, blocking shots, battling hard, but playing good defense a lot of is managing the puck, making the right plays at the lines and making the plays that need to be made so that you can spend less time in your own end.