Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Post game Comments

Alain VigneaultOn MSG, Alain Vigeault met with the media:

  • On the game, “this is a game of mistakes and making your opponent pay when they make them, in the first period we had a few neutral zone turnovers and on the first goal neutral zone and end zone turnovers that led to them capitalizing on those mistakes. After that we had some opportunities to make them pay, we only did once, in the third…they are a good team and they showed it tonight why they are in the high echelon of the NHL. They don’t give you a lot, they play tight and in the third we didn’t have the number of opportunities I would have liked.”
  • On a measuring stick game, “I don’t look at it that we lost 6-0 and then we lost 2-1 tonight, we needed to be better in certain areas. We knew exactly what they were going to do. How they were going to press, the play we needed to make. Obviously you won’t play a perfect game but this wasn’t how we wanted to start it. I like how battled in the second but we should have had more in the third. We need to get something from our backend. Those guys need to jump into the play and get some shots through there. The backend is so important in helping to generate offense and we need some from ours.”

  • On the start, “it’s not that they got the jump, the chances were 3-3, there wasn’t a lot of room, we just made two mistakes with the puck and they made us pay. It’s a game of making the opposition pay for mistakes and we couldn’t do it for them.”
  • On the second goal, “that was a neutral zone turnover from Richie more from anyone else. He makes a backhand pass through the neutral zone that has a very small chance of being successful.”
  • On Hagelin and Pouliot sitting for a stretch, “I thought that some other guys were doing a little more and I wanted to give the guys who were pushing harder more icetime.