Recap: Alain Vigneault’s conference call today

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault conducted a conference call today with reporters (via Rangers Report)

  • Why didn’t you bench Pouliot after his penalties, “every situation is different and last night we are in a tough situation, a tough environment and you have to trust your players. They are always walking that fine  line between what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. I know Benny’s intentions were good, he felt that the player MacDonald had taken a dive on both of those occasions, I think it was the same player, and he just felt that he didn’t get a fair shake. Sometimes a situation might be that you need to sit down your player and address it and five him a few shifts off and others you need to let them work through it and in those instances I felt that Benny could work his way through it.”

  • Did you not bench him to keep that line together, “that is always a thought when you want to play a four line rotation, if someone is real off then you give that ice time to someone else. It was still early in the game, there is still a lot of hockey to be played and I felt that the way Ben was playing for us for a long stretch of time he deserved a chance to redeem himself and keep playing.”
  • On Marty St. Louis and a clean slate in the playoffs, “I felt that giving the day off to Marty in Montreal had been that he had been playing a lot of hockey prior. Prior to coming to NY I think it was 30 of 37 days on the road and then if you add the Olympics and going overseas it was more than that. I felt that a day off would be good for him and even offered him the chance to stay home with his wife and family and he turned that down, he wanted to be with his team but it was just to give him a break. Playoffs is another season, maybe he sees it as a clean slate but I do think that prior to the playoffs, even though he wasn’t on the scoresheet as others had anticipated, he was still contributing like I have mentioned many, many times in ways and that is why our record was so good. He is a big part of our group and we expect him to keep playing the way he is right now.”
  • Have you gotten a gauge on how good this team can be, “I think we have a good team, there is no doubt there. We are playing against a real good team also. There is so little separating both teams and that is what makes for great hockey. Last night, all games have been different, last night we had to make some plays, some great defensive plays whether it was the blocked shots or getting numbers back. Philly had a strong game and came at us with good pushes and good looks bu compared to other games that we have played this year, last year we had to make a lot of great defensive plays and we found a way to win last night.”
  • On Chris Kreider, “No, there is no update and he is not skating with the team.”
  • On the shot blocking, “shot blocking obviously is knowing how to get into the lanes and that is a skill but it has more to do with the willingness to find the lane and block that shot. You know that when it comes it will hurt and it takes a lot of will and courage and last night we were put ingot situations where we had to find lanes and block shots. Its tough to block shots when you haven’t he puck. We are trying to be a puck possession team and give Philly credit, they had the puck and forced us into situations where our guys had to put their bodies on the line and they did.”
  • On the amount of blocked shots, “not really, that is not something that is new for this group and not something that we haven’t expected. It’s part of winning hockey and we were tested last night and our guys did the job.”
  • On the second periods in game 2 and 3, “in the second period obviously us getting that third goal, they had made it 2-1 late in the first and had a push and had good chances four on four. We came out with a one goal lead and to make that initial goal to make it 3-1 was big. After that they had a few PPs that we had to kill, our PP did a good job, our goalie did a good job. From there we were able to take it home and win the game.”
  • “I think all games are different and every game that is in the playoffs is trying to learn from their different games and bring their best game to the next time. That second game we have a two goal lead and they make it 3-2 even though I felt that it was our best period. They might have own the period 2-0 but we had the puck, had the better chances, we weren’t able to score on their goalie and they scored on ours. I liked a lot of our game and we learned from it and our sole focus is on the next one.”
  • On Claude Giroux’s guarantee, “I think with what Giroux said is totally expected. They expect to go into the next game and win and I am sure that our guys expect to go into the next game and win. That is part of competitive nature. I can’t forsee any of our players stepping on the ice and nothing that they can win. We know that come Friday it’s another game and we will have a plan and see another goalie and we will work real hard to try and win that game and I can say 100% sure that Philly will do the same.”


Bennie is sooo lucky we won last night because his penalty at the end of the 1st period was brutal....up 2-0 and on the power play.....the Flyers ended that period on more bad penalties...

Jane Kuflik Agdern
Jane Kuflik Agdern

I'm not a coach, but it seems to me that the NYR need to crash the net like the Flyers kept doing especially after the whistle - hit the goalie's glove after the whistle. Pushing & shoving. You know stuff like that. Things like the refs let happen to Hank. Isn't that fair?