Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Comments Yesterday

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault, via  MSG, met with the media in LA yesterday:

  •  “Our guys have worked extremely hard off the ice. This week here, we gave them that Monday where it was 48 hours off the ice and we will give them another 48 hours off the ice and that will pay off here. In these 4 games in six nights. I think we will see the benefits of that.”
  • On Rick Nash fighting, “that part, as far as team respect and team awareness, I think it’s real good. I need Rick to play like Rick Nash though. He will, his work ethic and attitude are real good and he is trying hard and he is like the rest of the team, we are going to put together.”

  • Unless there is a setback will Ryan Callahan play Monday, “yes….(smiling) that is right on. This will put him in that seven day window that our medical staff was talking about. It’s 14 days from contact. If it was up to him he would have played yesterday, but this gives him another almost 4 days, 2 days of contact in practice. It’s time to go, he is cleared to play….it’s time to go.”
  • On staying with the same top six, “at this time, yea. If I could have been fairer to Step, I probably would have started him like I am doing with Cally. I don’t wanna say a lesser role but not in as much of an offensive role. I know Step’s intentions are good but you look at the first goal, no exhibition games or nothing, he turns around, guy is right in his face, turnover and the puck is in the back of the net. We are going to have to play these guys into game shape. They didn’t have any exhibition games but that is the way it is.”
  • On the grit that still needs to be there, “there isn’t one of the 30 teams that can play the game without defending extremely well. Part of defending well is one on one battles, stick on stick and blocking shots. Players need to be in lanes and block those shots. It’s the same thing with the PK. I want us to get into the lanes because if you do then the puck can’t go through and right now we aren’t doing that consistently enough and I think that is why the teams have been building momentum against us.”
  • On the Hanzal hit and the Girardi hit that was called a penalty, “Dan followed through with an elbow. One was a penalty and one wasn’t a penalty.”
  • On the faceoff that Moore lost on the third goal, “we are shorthanded and if it’s a 50/50 puck battle it’s a battle of will. We lost the draw and a few seconds later the puck is in the net.