Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Comments Today

Alain VigneaultFollowing the first groups of conditioning tests, Alain Vigneault met with the media:

  • On the first day, “it was just an evaluation day as far as conditioning. I haven’t seen the results yet, looking forward to seeing them and looking scientifically where our guys are right now. We hope they arrived in the condition that we expected and for those that did they will have to maintain that and for others we will have to reinforce a couple of things.
  • On JT Miller leaving the ice, “he tweaked his hamstring and had to leave the ice. He is in the process of being evaluated but they don’t think it was serious and he should be on the ice tomorrow.

  • On last night’s meeting, “it was good. It was the first time I have had a chance to talk to the whole group. I talked about the expectations and the process and the type of atmosphere that we want to work in. I laid it out for the players and we had supper, it was a good day.”
  • On Brad Richards, “I told him not to talk about last year. With any player the important thing, with Brad I have told him to turn the page as much as he can. Last year has no significance to now. He has to stay in the now and stay here today. He was the first in line with the testing. His skating was real good. He looks real positive and like he has a lot of energy. He is looking forward to the challenge and seems to want to lead the troops.
  • On centers, “I haven’t given a lot of thoughts to line combos. Everyone has a clean slate. Lindberg has caught our guys attention with how he played and how he competed at both ends of the rink. At training camp you need surprises. You need guys that all of a sudden, guys that management doesn’t have in a place on the depth chart, and they step on the ice and they can contribute. We need some surprises. We need guys to push. I have told everyone that they will get a chance and the ones that grab it will get a chance to help the Rangers.”
  • When does Stepan not being in camp have an impact, “I have always been that you work with the players that are here. You will get injuries, some guys have personal situations, I work with the guys who are here. That’s it. I work with the players that are available to us.”
  • On Marty Biron, “I talked to Marty last night and he was dropping off his kids at school this morning and is driving down. He should be here later today. If things would have changed I think he would have called me but he hasn’t called me so I think he iwll be here.