Recap: Alain Vigneault’s comments today (On Ryan Callahan)

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault met with the media today following Rangers practice (Rangers) :

  • On the weekend games, “In both games I believe that we played well enough to win. We out chanced Boston 25-12 and lost that game 6-3. We played a real solid game, made some mistakes, we are not going to be perfect and when we had the opportunity to score goals at key times we didn’t do that. It turned around and hurt us at the end of the day. Those games are behind us now and we will focus on Toronto coming in tomorrow, a team that is playing real well and by tomorrow night we will have our team and go from there.”

  • On the goalies for tomorrow, “yesterday we saw Hank and Mac last night and after thinking about it after the game we felt that both of those guys have gotten a lot of minutes this year. Yes, Nasher, Cally and Hags are coming back from the Olympics but they all missed some time because of injury. Zuccy is hurt and Step didn’t play, I just felt that those guys needed an extra day to totally recuperate, get away from the game and I will talk to Hank tomorrow and go from there.”
  • On Zuccarello, “I think he is day to day now, I don’t expect him tomorrow. It’s just a pain thing. As soon as he can handle the pain taking a pass and he can shoot the puck now, as soon as he can handle the pain. It shouldn’t be much longer.”
  • On Ryan Callahan’s situation, “everybody is talking, both sides are talking and as long as people are talking I remain optimistic. He is the captain of this team and I would take him as my captain any day of the week.”
  • On the goals against in the weekend games, “We gave up 12 or 13 scoring chances in Philly and the same in Boston. Anytime you can keep chances to that number that is pretty good. They were some grade A chances and that is the difference in those games. We had some Grade As and didn’t put them in, they had some Grade As and did put them in. Our scorers need to find a way to make those timely saves.”
  • On Callahan as a captain compared to other captains, “every individual is different, with Cally what you have is a guy that leads by example, a player that is not afraid to talk to a teammate when he feels that his behavior or something doesn’t meet Ranger expectations, so I got to know him real quickly and I am real happy with his presence and what he brings to this team.”