Alain Vigneault

Recap: Alain Vigneault’s comments today (On Chris Kreider, scoring and a must win)

8:02PM: Vigneault spoke with Pierre McGuire on NBCSN and said:

  • On the turnovers, “It’s a good question and you can’t do that against such a strong team. Puck management is key and most of their chances have come off of our mistakes.”
  • On Chris Kreider, “he is a big part of our team and he brings speed and physicality up front.”

7:19PM: Vigneault spoke with John Giannone on MSG:

  • Does the team understand how important tonight is, “there is no doubt in my mind. We feel good about how we are playing but it’s about results and we need to put our process on the ice and if we do I am confident that our process will change.”
  • On finding ways to score, “what we did today was showed our players the good opportunities that we have had and we talked about a couple of different areas we might be able to tweak and exploit and give us a better outcome. They have a solid defensive plan and great goaltending so it’s a challenge.”
  • On Chris Kreider, “I want him to play, if he does, the way he is supposed to play which is a big physical presence, has a tremendous amount of speed and goes to the net hard. That is what we need so at this time I would say that he is a game time decision and if he can play I would say that he will help us.”
  • How confident are you that the team will play their best, “I don’t really think we have a choice. This is such a strong opponent with no weaknesses that you can put your finger on. You need to make them pay for when they make mistakes. They defend well and attack well, they are a solid team, we understand what we need to do and we will do that come 7:30PM.

1:06PM: Alain Vigneault met with the media today following the Rangers morning skate:

  • On Chris Kreider, “he has been medically cleared in the sense that his fracture has now healed and at this stage I would say that he is day to day. I haven’t spoken with him today but I found out yesterday that he was cleared medically.”
  • Is he a possibility for tonight, “I haven’t talked to him. Today was his first time on the ice with his teammates…I’m just telling you that he is day to day at this stage.”
  • On scoring more, “a few goals would help (laughing) you know, as well as I might think we have played so far, at the end of the day it’s easy to see that we need to finish and we could say that we have had some great looks but we need to get it done. We are down by a game and we need to try and find a way to make them pay for the mistakes that we make. They have made us pay for our mistakes and we need to make them pay. We have some ideas of how we can improve in the offensive zone. We started sharing that with our team this morning and will reinforce some issues tonight.”
  • On picking his lineup, “I want us to continue to play the balance game that we have. We are defending real well when we need to defend and generating some quality chances bu I think those chances could be of better quality if we do some little things and that is what we are trying to work on now.”
  • “I wouldn’t want to take any credit away from the job Pittsburgh has done. They are not only talented but they play a strong two-way game, that is why they are an elite team but for us to have any chance against a strong opponent, it has to be our very best and we have some guys now that are trying hard and they need to find a way to contribute offensively.”
  • Did the day off help, “we will see tonight…I believe that this last day away from the rink, the way we have played, should…the guys have cleared their minds and in my estimation they came in feeling good about themselves and how we are playing and get an opportunity to prove it tonight.”
  • Do you buy into must win talk, “tonight’s game for us is as close to a must game in my estimation, probably if you ask our team, we are down 2-1 here, we need to win tonight.”
  • On Marty St. Louis, “I would say that it’s the same thing as the rest of our group. We are getting some good looks but we need to finish. There are different areas we can do better in attacking their goalie and their net.  For the most part we are doing a lot of good things but there are a couple of areas that if we improve we will do better.”
  • On going to the net, “there are probably a fine line and some nuances that we need to apply better that we will discuss with our group.’