Alain Vigneault

Recap: Alain Vigneault’s comments today about game 3, travel between NY and Philly and lineup

Alain Vigneault met with the media during the Rangers optional practice today (SNY’s Nick Licalzi)

  • On considering game 3 lineup changes, “still in the process of deciding that.”
  • What would make you decide to change, “if it’s something that I feel is better for the team.”
  • Was there frustration about not going up 2-0, “I felt some disappointment. Our guys went out with the intention of wining that game. We came out with a good start and then they had a push and they capitalized on couple of chances but we weren’t able to do it in the second. In the third, give them credit, they did a good job of clogging up the neutral zone and shutting us down and we didn’t get a lot.”

  • On home vs road in Philly, “Geez, off the top of my head, they were all hard fought games between two good teams. Really no. If you break it down there isn’t a lot separating both teams. I’m not focused on what happened before but focused on the next game here.”
  • On things he might not be able to control on the road, “if you look at our road record, I think we have that record because we continue to play the same way. High tempo, north/south game, we roll our lines quickly. Home or road there are matchups that we look for matchups forward wise and defense wise that we are looking for. There are more matchups that we don’t want, that is probably the better way of expressing it but once you are in the flow and executing well, you aren’t as concerned about that and more about the pace and tempo…did that answer your question?”
  • Will you work on trying to get guys off the ice quicker or see how the game goes, “In a regular season game (laughs) I would probably share my answer but since it’s not a regular season game and I think there is still a little separating the teams and if I had any inclination I would not share it.”
  • On going back and forth between games in Philly, “this is the…people here who have experience in New York traveling, from my understanding we are an hour and 5 minutes away from home after a game on train so, sleeping in your own bed vs a hotel is a little different and we felt that from experience in the past it was the best thing to do.”
  • Is Chris Kreider still improving, “yes.”
  • By leaps and bounds, “he is improving, he is improving.”
  • Did you see anything with Fast that would cause you to insert someone else, “I thought he played a good game. I shortened, we are down by a goal last night and I shortened my bench in the third period for a couple of shifts and tried to double shifts a couple of players with Hags and Richie but his overall game was good and he did what he is expected to do but I haven’t decided on a full lineup yet so we will see what we do.”
  • On getting bodies in front of the net, “I think we have gotten bodies to the crease and had a good net presence (interrupted)
  • The players say that they let Emery see too many shots, “yes and no, have any of our goals been because he hasn’t seen the shot or because we have moved it really quick and he hasn’t been able to get to it. It’s a combo of both. We are talking about net presence and driving to the net and those are all facets of good offensive hockey that we need to continue to do better.”
  • Did they adjust to your passing in the first, “one is an odd man rush that our guys executed real well and the other was a PP entry where there guy got a little late and we found a seam on it. Sometimes you make good offensive plays and those were two of those times where we executed real well.”
  • Would you be surprised if you saw Mason, “I couldn’t answer that question, I don’t know if he is healthy or not. It’s not my team.”
  • On playing against Giroux’s line, “I never thought going into this series that I would be able to shut that line down. It’s elite players who have been racking up points against all the teams, they are one of the best lines in the league and we have done a fair job against them but we need to be better. We didn’t win last night and had an OK game but at this time of the year you can’t play OK, you need to be better.”
  • On the fourth line against the Giroux line or not, “I think that is the way it unfolded yesterday, Dom’s line is and even Dorse we use to kill penalties, they are dependable two way players but in last night’s game it unfolded more to where I had Step’s line against them.”
  • “‘ll let you make the judgment on if Zuccarello is an embellisher. You make the call on that, it doesn’t matter what I think.”