Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Comments Today

Via MSG, Vigneault`Alain Vigneaul’ts post practice comments:

  • On the loss of Ryan Callahan, “it’s an opportunity for some other guys to have a bigger role and some more icetime. I am hoping somebody grabs the opportunity, we are going to need somebody to do that. Cally, you can’t replace what he brings but you hope that some other guys take the opportunity on the PP and PK and I am confident that that is what will happen.”
  • On Taylor Pyatt, “We felt, in looking at how Brass had some success and were generating chances and a lot of that came on cycling at the other team’s end. Taylor can do that, he is a big body that can protect the puck, take the puck to the net and we felt that with the guys we had available he was our best suited guy to come in there and do the cycle and net presence that Cally was bringing to that line. Hopefully he will be able to do that for us.”
  • On Pyatt and the Sedins in Vancouver, “I used him there a little bit. I talked to Taylor about that today. It was in the back of my mind. When he did play with the twins he was good on the cycle, good in front of the net and using his big body. That is what I am hoping he will be able to do with Brass and Richie. They scored Cally’s goal where it was a cycle, a 30 second cycle that wore the D down and finally Cally got in the open and put it in the back of the net. I am hoping that with Taylor we will be able to do that.”

  • On Darroll Powe, “With losing Cally, we were already short on PKers so that is one reason we brought up Powe. We thought it was a good fit. He had a real strong training camp so we brought him up.”
  • Updates on Nash, (looks to Rangers PR) “I haven’t asked…” Rangers PR: “Nothing new.”
  • On why Kreider wasn’t called up, “The decision was made yesterday. Schoeny, Glen and myself talked with Ken and we looked at the possible lines we could have and the role that we needed and it was more of a fourth line/PKer that we needed and Powe fit that bill. Chris, from what I heard Ken say and I am going there tonight to get a personal look, is that he is playing well. He is using his tools and playing well since he has been there. He will continue to improve and at some point we are going to need him and he will be ready for us.”
  • On Cam Talbot being sent down, “he will play tonight, tomorrow, and there is a good chance he will play Wednesday. Then we get on a roll, right now, I don’t want to say it’s the easiest part of our schedule but it’s the least taxing part of our schedule as far as the number of games We thought it would be a good idea for him to get a few more games and then he will be ready for us.”
  • On the defense, “Our gap, there was a much better gap between our forward and our D and allowed our defensemen to stand up more. Washington has a lot of skill and speed and we were able to take a lot of that away with our gap, that part of their game I really liked. They did manage the puck better and it helped us at both ends, it helps us spend less time in our end and more time in the other teams end. That is what we are looking at right now.”
  • On Derek Stepan taking a bigger step, “He has a good leadership role on this team. He is improving every game. He was a little behind because he missed training camp, you see signs of improvement with his decisions on the ice with and without the puck. Hopefully he will keep getting better. This has been good for him. He has had good practices this week, more next week. He will get his game to be where he needs it to be and where we need it to be.”
  • Where is his game right now, “Not having seen him in the past and just talking to people who know him more than I do like Glen and Schoeny, everyone seems to think that his game is at around 75% of where his game needs to be.”
  • On playing against a rival in New Jersey, “I’m looking forward to it. It’s my first time in this NY tradition. I watched Jersey’s game last night against Ottawa. They played real well. They dominated most parts of the game. They met a hot goalie who shut them down. It’s gonna be a good game and I am looking forward to it.”
  • On the defense for tomorrow, “I haven’t made up my mind on my final decisions on D. At forward it’s what you saw there. I’ll take the night to think about it, go to Hartford, watch the game and have a decision tomorrow.”