Recap: Alain Vigneault’s comments today

Alain VigneaultPrior to leaving for Ottawa, Alain Vigneault met with the media after the Rangers practice (Rangers):

  • On Anton Stralman, “he blocked a shot yesterday and thought it would be a good time to give him a maintenance day.”
  • Are you thinking about any changes for tomorrow, “I am still in the process of finishing our game from yesterday and Ottawa’s game. If there are any decisions that we make in terms of lineup we will make them tonight.”

  • How do you deal with MSL’s slump, “everybody from his teammates to the coaches to I am sure his environment knows that if Marty is the player that he is it’s because he knows how to get on the score sheet on a regular basis. Right now we are working with him to get that part of his game. I am convinced that last night, that line had three Grade A chances in the first period and if one of them goes in it’s a totally different dynamic to how that line works and how our team plays. Part of this game is that when the other team makes a mistake you have to make them pay and it effects them and gives you more confidence. We couldn’t do that and we played one of our best games of the year last night except for one area, we just weren’t able to finish and we had some good looks.”
  • Were you happy with the offense against SJ, “yes, obviously there are things we can do better, we can get on the inside better, release that shot quicker and get to the greasy/tough areas. Our overall scheme and how we defended against that team and what we were able to generate was a very good performance. At the end of the day, good performances…it’s about finding a way to win whether you don’t play so good, we need to find ways to win right now.”
  • On MSL’s acclimation to the Rangers, “Marty had been in Tampa a long time, coming to a new team, new coaches, new environment. There is a period of time that it will take any individual to get used to but Marty is real intense and emotional person. He is working his way and finding his way and we are all trying to make this work. Other than the Carolina game in Carolina I really liked most parts of our game but the results have not been what we need them to be right now. There is nothing we can do about the past we just need to focus on Ottawa.”
  • On Ryan Haggerty, “I thought he skated well for the first time. I met him before practice, had a good conversation with him. Have never seen him play, didn’t hear anything about him other than a couple of days prior from Jeff saying that this young man had a tremendous amount of upside and potential and he felt that we were a good opportunity and I told him when I talked to him this morning that we are trying to get in so we will see how things shake out but from a first practice what I saw I thought he was alright.”
  • Do you have any idea where he fits or doesn’t fit, “Until I see him play I can’t comment on that.”
  • Would you have liked the option to send him down, “I don’t think we had that luxury or choice unless I am wrong, I don’t think we had unless he would have…he could have signed an American league deal and then signed with us but I think int he fundamentals this is taking a year off of his length until he becomes a free agent but you are asking me if I thought it would have been better for him to go to Hartford, that would have been good but being here with us, he has just played a full year and going to Hartford would have been good to get some ice time but I think being with us, working with Reg our conditioning coach working with our coaches will bring some other benefits. Hartford will bring some benefits and this will bring some other benefits.”