Recap: Alain Vigneault’s comments today

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault met with the media following Rangers practice today (MSG) :

  • On what advantage the Rangers have because it will be their second outdoor game, “it is definitely not going to hurt. Probably, I think the individual it will help the most is Hank. To get the bearings, the fact that the people aren’t behind and that he has had the opportunity to have a practice and a game, I think should help him. We all saw how challenging it was for the goalies at the beginning of the game so it should help him. We have one game experience at Yankee Stadium so it shouldn’t hurt.”
  • On day vs night, “It’s gonna be my first experience so I don’t quite know what it will be in terms of visibility on the ice, I’m assuming it will be alright, having not had the experience before we will find out when we get there.”

  • Do you analyze the games the same way or different because it’s unique, “the way we usually do, keeping it mind there were a lot of bouncing pucks and when our guys were trying to make plays the puck was on edge and so it made for a different circumstances but when you analyze the game, I don’t want to say it was a typical Rangers/Devils game but it was. There weren’t a lot of chances and I think they were 12-10 for us or something but there were a lot more goals. It was one of those games where they found and we found, especially in the second period, bouncing pucks that were going through Martin which doesn’t happen often.”
  • Ready for the cold temperatures, “yea…..I think I am. I think back to my young days when I would leave home and go to the ice rink at the corner and put my skates on and I was cold and then warm up, It was almost the same thing except that we got warm benches.