Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Comments Today

Alain Vigneault said today:

  • On the pace so far, “today was good. Obviously, guys having their on-ice testing some guys would be sore. I thought that the core guys stood at the front of the line and lead the way for the group. The core guys in both groups did that. It was the first day of camp, execution and timing will get better and we will all get on the same page.”
  • What were you looking for today, “today was less about system and more about some principles that I feel are important. Driving to the net, if you wanna score goals you gotta go to the net and sometimes pay a heavy price. A lot of the drills had that and throwing pucks at the goaltender. Sometimes a shot at his feet is just as good as a direct pass. That is some of the principles I want to instill when we have the puck. The rest of it was timing, breakouts under pressure and we did some timing and one on one defensive drills. Guys doing stick on stick, being heavy on top and being in the areas. Tomorrow will be similar to today and we will get more towards systems as we go on”

  • Rick Nash, “I can’t comment on what he did here but I can comment on what he did in Columbus when we played against him. One on one he was so hard to contain. If he got a half of step on you he could take the puck to the net. With his hands…..they were grade A scoring chances and ended up in the back of the net. He has size skill and the willingness to go to the hard areas and to the net. I do know that he is an elite player in the NHL and wants to help this team win.
  • On Scott Arniel and Derick Brassard, “I knew the history because Arnie was a guy I worked with for a long time, I knew about that situation with Derick’s agent who said things that may not be appropriate. But I knew in talking to Arnie that there wasn’t any truth. At the end of the day I hired Arnie because he is a great hockey guy and has a great track record with young players. In Manitoba, I was the beneficiary of his work with young players when they got to Vancouver. He has a great feel for young players and is a big asset to the coaching staff.”
  • On the PP, “At the end of the day it’s my responsibility. I will empower Scott on the PP and Ulfie on the PK to do a little more but the buck stops with me. I’m accountable for those situations. I feel we have some good skill and some guys who have made good decisions and have good stats on the PP. It was all in the past. It’s new, it’s a new season. Once we get to that we will get to that. We will touch a little bit before the exhibition games but I know and have been told that PP is going to come up. It’s an issue but I wasn’t here before so I can’t comment.
  • On scrimmages, “We will have one 25 minute scrimmage on the 15th when I will bring in some players and almost make it a 3 line scrimmage. We won’t scrimmage much. We will cut our number down before we go out West. We have four games in five nights but we have five days to get ready before that.”
  • On the number of players going to Alberta, “I would say close to seven lines and 12 or 13 defense. That is what I am envisioning. If some guys are pushing me and we want to bring more people or if other guys can’t follow the pace, we will go the other way. And 3 or 4 goalies.”
  • Is there a backup goalie competition, “I would say yes in the sense that we invited Hedberg at the last minute. In an Olympic year I need a backup who can play games for us. If that number is 15 to 20, a backup goalie in an Olympic year with the amount of 4 in 6 and 3 in 4, we need a backup who can play and win games. That is part of how you get into the playoffs and also to have a goalie who will be fresh when the postseason comes. Marty is aware of that, I had that discussion with him when he first got here. If we brought in Hedberg it was to give him a chance.”
  • Is there concern with Marty maybe not being available, “I would say no. It’s a personal situation that I believe is under control. It’s a personal thing that he has dealt with and he is with the team.”
  • On Derick Brassard, “I remember Derick as a young player and when he was coming up he was a skilled player who could sometimes make things happen when there was absolutely nothing there. Obviously for him it was a real confidence builder to come here and contribute and play and basically one of the things I said when we met was that last year was the start and he has to continue.”
  • On Chris Kreider, “Other than the youtube video of him jumping out of the water….You talk about power, I didn’t want to hear a lot because I wanted to see and get a feel for myself. He is a young man full of potential. It’s our job and his to make him the best player he can be. Any game that can jump out of the pool like that has a lot of power and strength. Today was the first time I got a first hand look at him on the ice, I’ve seen bits and pieces but very limited. I’m gonna get to know him and get a feel and evaluate him. There is a lot of positive about this young man. He has a lot of talent and potential.”


@Jeremy_Woo Awesome article. Is it safe to say these kids care far more about winning this than state?


@Rich_Mummolo Think it's close. IHSA format has CPL teams knock each other out before Peoria. Here they all get a crack at bragging rights.