Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Comments Today

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault met with the media following Rangers practice today (Rangers).

  • Is there concern about Brass, (with a smile) “Brass has got a sore butt so he should be alright. He fell on his posterior yesterday, was a little sore and had a tough time pushing  so we gave him the day off. He should be alright tomorrow.”
  • Will you find out about the character of the team with the injuries you currently have, “injuries combined with our record will tell us a lot about our group and how we respond. I have been in this game a long time and as far as work ethic in practices, off ice work and this group works as hard as any I have been with. It hasn’t translated to what I expect on the ice as far as performance and results but I believe that with the work ethic they are doing and what is under their control, results will change in a positive way.”

  • Is this as frustrating a time as you have had as a coach, “when you have been in the game as long as I have you have your moments and these are times where….I look at last night’s game and we are trying to play a little tighter and we only gave up 11 scoring chances. Two of their goals are very unfortunate…Ryan gets hurt on that play and can’t get up and defend. The other one, Zucc slew foots Dan in front of our net and he ends up sitting on the ice and the guy ends up with a pure open net. Two unfortunate instances where we probably could have, with a little bit of luck, been on the right side of those plays defensively and we weren’t.”
  • Will the team respond the same way as when Cally was out previously, “we are doing everything that we can, the guys came in today and we had a couple of areas we wanted to address on the ice. We know that personnel wise things will be changed as far as PP for tomorrow so we worked on that. We will do some video work tomorrow morning and we will be ready tomorrow night.”
  • On Brian Boyle getting an expanded role, “last night when we lost Cally we needed a net-front presence and one guy we had been using in the past was Pouliot and he wasn’t dressed. You go down the slots and Brian has some experience there. Depending on his play, if he deserves to play more he will play more.”
  • On Del Zotto, “he has been alright. He has his moments where he has jumped up in the attack and made the right plays. On their second goal there, we have three forwards deep and he stays deep and test the waters and they come back and we have even numbers but there guys made a real good play on that play. Sometimes those are the reads that you focus more on the defensive side, when you have three guys deep and in that situation he probably thought he could keep the puck in and he didn’t.
  • Do players relax more when they don’t have another player looking to take their spot, “I would say to you that if an athlete can’t take internal competition and rise to that challenge, you have to be able to…you have some internal competition, you have to be able to perform, perform under that pressure. What are you going to do if you can’t handle that. How are you going to be in the last couple of minutes in the game when it’s tied or in OT or in the playoffs. You need to be able to handle internal competition…it should bring out the best in you.”
  • On the division and the standings, “I would be looking at the glass half full I guess…we are still right in the hunt considering the dynamic of our team right now and our struggles. For now we will focus on trying to play a little tighter and if we can build and get some confidence this group should be able to play a good and tight game.”
  • On call ups, “We were in the process of doing that this morning early on. The managers and scouts are meeting now, some pro scout meetings, so I haven’t been able to continue the conversation.”
  • Is there anything encouraging, “I’ve been in this game…this group works as hard and practices and off ice and prior to and post games with any group I have been associated with. Usually when you have that type of effort translates on the ice and translates to bounces going the right way, it hasn’t so far…to the consistent level that you usually get but I am confident that it will.”
  • “I have a tough time with that, with the home and road way. Our fans have been outstanding. We haven’t given them a lot to cheer about but they have been supportive. From the bench we are hearing the Lets go Rangers, we got down 1 and 2 and we still heard this. We are fighting it a little bit on the ice. Our confidence in some guys may not be where it needs to be but that support is needed and appreciated.
  • Lundqvist tomorrow, “yes.”