Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Comments Today

Alain VigneaultFollowing the Rangers optional morning skate, Alain Vigneault met with the media, via the Rangers:

  • On the lineup: “we will be putting Miller back in there….for Mashinter.”
  • Because: “I didn’t play Mash much in the last game. This is a back to back and the last part of a nine games in 15 nights and I’m going to need to play four lines and 6 D tonight.”
  • On Dom Moore being out and not being able to roll four lines, “Not really. In the last game it had more to do with being down two early. When you are down two the original plan gets pushes aside and you look to guys who are generating more offensively and who will permit you to come back in the game so that had more to do with it than anything.”
  • On a Dom Moore update, “hasn’t change on my end. Still 7-10 days.”

  • On Miller’s return, “You gotta believe that he is excited and motivated to be in the NHL and stay in the NHL and try to be a regular contributor to a good team. That should summarize it. If he gets more excited because he is playing against Pittsburgh then it’s good for us.”
  • “every game is important for every player and they are being assessed on their contribution, their role on the team and what they are supposed to do. We are still trying to sore that out with JT. Hopefully tonight he has a strong game at both ends of the rink and helps us win some games.”
  • On JT and mistakes impacting his game, “that’s a good question and a question we have asked him. We’ve tried to, if I look at the last game he made some mistakes that were evident, evident to anyone watching the game and we still threw him over the boards. It’s…okay, you made one and now forget about it and go play well. As a player you made some mistakes, you can’t play a perfect game. When you have one you focus on the next shift and doing the right things on the ice. Hopefully he will get to that point where he does things consistently. Today he has to come here with a clear head and play the game.”
  • On a measuring stick game, “I’m really excited about tonight. I haven;t seen Crosby and Malkin live many times through the years and I am excited and I think the players are anxious. It’s a division game and they have star players and they want to go out on the ice and prove they are good players and a good team.”
  • On Trade rumors for offense, “I think we need the pieces that we have here to play better. I talked about, after the last game, we need more from our backend, we need them to contribute. We are no different from any other team. Our backend at 5 on 5 through ten games, we break it down by ten games, we were 16th out of 16 in our conference as far as points production 5 on 5. We are in the middle of the pack as far as getting shots through and getting shots on net, so our forwards need to do a better job screening the goalies and getting to loose pucks. That is how as a group we can create more offense and score more goals. Defensively we have been making some real strong plays. We are keeping the chances down and we won’t be perfect but we have been playing well. Offensively we need to make some plays and I think these guys have the potential to do it on a more consistent basis and if we do we will score more goals.”
  • Is there an update on Nash, (Vigneault looks to Rangers PR) Rangers PR: “Nothing”
  • Was there a moment where this team tightened up defensively, “this team has always known how to play D. It has always played well without the puck. For whatever reason we were a little off but that is behind us. We are focused on the present and getting better. We have an excellent opponent tonight.”
  • On defending the Penguins, “that’s a good question. Against a team like that and I have watched their last two games, they have a lot of firepower and can spread it around. In our mind we have a couple of D pairs that we want to try and match against certain guys. For us tonight, we have to be able to roll 4 lines and do it quickly. We need to do the right things with the puck and if we do that we give ourselves a real strong chance against a real good opponent.