Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Comments Today

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault met with the media today prior to the Rangers game against the Flyers:

  • lineup decisions: Zucc is out. Mashinter will be out and Falk will be out.”
  • On why Zucc is out, “I would say that it’s performance based. There are quite a few players that could have been in his position. It’s not like we have tons of production from players up front. He is the one who sits out tonight. I know he is disappointed but he is a hard working individual, get some good practices and hopefully when he gets his next chance he will be able to play well.”
  • On the Flyers, “Have you checked our record lately. I think what you have tonight are teams who are working extremely hard to get their game where they need it to be. I think it will be a very good hockey game. Two teams that will show urgency and desperation.”

  • On starting out West and the impact it had, “I know it’s been mentioned and talked about. At the end of the day it was the training camp and schedule we were dealt and we handled it the best we could. We didn’t get the results we expected. This week we have had good days of practice and we are ready for tonight. It would be an easy excuse but traveling is traveling. We travel in a first class environment. I don’t want to use that as a reason.”
  • On what he wants to see from Chris Kreider, “again, I want him to use his assets. He is a great skater, a good shot, a good release and a big body. If he does that and does it consistently he is going to be good for us. His best game was the last game in exhibition. He went to Hartford, played well, played good minutes and hopefully he does the same.”
  • Do you think Kreider was pressing during the preseason, “I don’t know the young man enough to come to that conclusion. I do know that being a young player and coming to an NHL training camp you may be putting extra pressure on yourself. That should be behind him now and he should be focused on being in the moment.”
  • Without Callahan and Nash do you change the approach, “I think we need to play a little closer to the vest and there is no doubt. In Jersey we played like that and only gave up eight scoring chances. That is two good games in a row for us in terms of giving scoring chances to the other teams. What I wasn’t happy about in Jersey and I talked about it, we had no push and when we got down we didn’t have a strong enough pushback offensively. With those guys out you need to play a little closer and certain areas and when the opportunities are there you gotta jump on it.”
  • Is Henrik feeling better, “he will skate this morning with our goalie coach after the optional is gone. He is coming along and day to day.