Recap: Alain Vigneault’s Comments on MSG

Following the Rangers scrimmage on MSG, Alain Vigneault joined Joe Micheletti and Bill Pidto

On the scrimmage, “I liked it. The intensity was good. Guys were trying to imply some of the stuff we talked about. Guys were out numbering quickly and aggressively. Some guys had success. In all it was pretty good. We through out the PP and PK session. We let them see what they could come up with. Both PP units had some success.”

On what he is looking for as a coach, “the style is dictated by your talent level. The more talent you have in theory the more puck possession you have. I have started to learn my players. We have a good group of young players here and some solid veterans who are on the up swing and have that skill level. We should be able to play a real entertaining style of hockey. I like what I see so far. We can be a little quicker away from the puck and use some of that skill level.

On who has stood out, “One guy yesterday at practice, I went to Dan and I was talked about John Moore. What an effortless skater. So smooth. So confident. I was really impressed. That is the type of kid he is. It’s a first glance to see what skill set they bring to the table.