Recap: Alain Vigneault pre game comments

Alain Vigneault2:50PM: Alain Vigneault met with the media prior to the Rangers game against the Sharks: (Inside Hockey)

  • Any lineup changes, “nope, same lineup.”
  • What makes San Jose so dangerous, “they got a few things. They have speed and size and they play a real sound and fundamental game. They can beat you with skill and can beat you with size. They are an elite team in this league and they have really done a good job in the last couple of years with surrounding their veteran players with younger and high end skill players up front and on D. That is why they have been consistent like they have.”
    What is the biggest change in the team from the first time you played San Jose to today, “that was a long time ago. To tell you the truth I have put away that part of the season. I don’t remember that part of the season but we are playing good hockey and we need to put our best game on the ice tonight.”

  • On Kevin Klein, “I thought it was one of his better games if not his best game since he had been with us. I loved the fact that he was moving his feet and passing and moving his feet and joining the rush and driving the net. For us to generate offense we need our D to drive the net when the opportunity is there. He was more physical and there was more presence to his game. I don’t know if if was because Winnipeg was a more physical team, a big stream team but we are meeting a big strong team tonight and I am hoping that it will be the beginning of the start of something we will see more often. He got more ice time because he deserved more ice time.
  • Were you working with him on video, “Ulfie spends a lot of time with all of the defense in areas that they need to improve. It’s a daily process and he is getting used to his new environment and I think he is only going to get better.”
    How are the lines/pairs, “we will start with where the pairs were before but depending on how guys are playing they will get the ice time that they deserve.”
  • On MSL, “Marty is working extremely hard right now. We have tried him with Brad for a couple of games, five I think it was and it had some moments some good moments but it wasn’t having the results and production that we thought we would get. We made some changes in the late game and Brad’s line was effective, Brass’ line that Marty was playing on had some moments and Step’s line has been very consistent with Nasher and Kreids. We will start that way tonight and hopefullythose guys are going to be real good for us.”
  • Stralman and Brassard struggles, “You should ask them that question. Obviously their play is not at the level it was before the break and we need everyone at their best right now. Those guys know they can be better and need to be better and will hopefully do that for us.”
  • On how long the season is, “all it tells me is that, like I said one of the first days that I got here, some teams improve and others fade away. If you intend on getting to the dance, the playoffs, you need to be one of the teams that is improving, I think we are improving and we are in the final stretch. It’s the best time of the year to be playing and I think our group is ready for the challenge.”