Recap: Alain Vigneault post practice comments

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault spoke with the media following Rangers practice today: (Rangers and Rangers Report)

  • On the football at practice, “the white team were sore losers and we found out that Richie may be a QB in hockey but not in football.”
  • Was it your idea, “it was Arnie’s idea. He got in this morning and we haven’t had three days in a while so we wanted to lighten up the first part and then we had some work to get done which we did. I said does anybody have any ideas, it worked out well with the Super Bowl tomorrow and we had our own little super bowl.”

  • You made sure that Hank pitched the ball back and then got out of the way, “yea, that is all he can do from that standpoint.”
  • Was this something you did in Vancouver, “the football thing is my first time. I’ve done the switch hands with hockey, the baseball but the football was the first time on the ice.”
  • Did you have four downs, “Arnie’s rules were that you had four downs to go up and then the other team gets the ball.”
  • Did some guys have a tough adjustment coming inside with their energy, “I think if you asked player individually, some games guys have legs and some they don’t and are searching for it. Other than the puck not bouncing too much it was a typical game, a good game in front of our fans and there were chances on both sides.”
  • On the Olympic break coming up, “it’s the same thing for everybody and guys are going to re-energize and get ready for the final push. Until we get to that point we have a big week in front of us. It’s 3 games in 4 nights and two good young teams and the best team in our conference. We will approach it as one game at a time.”
  • On the Ryan Callahan contract not being a distraction, “I think in Ryan’s case, he has been a real pro throughout all of this and has kept that part of his life apart from his teammates and the dressing room. I think he understands that you have questions and that in a pro manner answers them. At the end of the day his job is to get ready, help his teammates get ready and go out and perform and he has done that remarkably so since day one.”
  • On the prospect of the captain being traded, “I’m very optimistic individual by nature and like I said yesterday I am a big fan of Ryan Callahan so I am confident that things will work out well.”
  • On being through this situation with Hank and Step, “I have been through this in the past and my first or second year… my third year with the Canucks, the Twins played it out and on the 30th of June the GM was in Sweden making a deal…optimistic.”
  • On Zucc, “by nature he is very competitive, I don’t know if it’s because he is not very big but by nature he is very committed to everything that he does and it just plays to his strength. Good skill set, good speed, good vision at what is open and not open. The winning goal yesterday was a great play on his part, using his speed to push the defenseman back, found Staal, Marc made a great play.”
  • Will Callahan be in the lineup on Tuesday, “I expect him to be.”