Recap: Alain Vigneault post game comments

Alain VigneaultAlain Vigneault met with the media following the Rangers win over the Senators:

On 8 goals, “that is very positive for our group but this was a different type of game with chances on both sides. This was not obviously a defensive masterpiece but we found a way to score some goals which we hadn’t done in a while and hopefully that will carry over to the next couple of games.”

Was there something that told you the team was heading in the right direction, “it was a funny game, 2-1 after the first. The first was a couple of chances both sides and they found our net and we found their net and then that last 5 of the second where we scored 3 rather quickly seemed to change the game around for us. Lets just say that this wasn’t a masterpiece by both teams.”

  • On the defensive effort, “I think it was a symptom of the game. Three goal lead so they will take chances and jump up a lot more. We will counter and might get some opportunities off there. It was one of those games where for our fans it’s probably real exciting because we scored 8 goals and for their fans probably disappointing.”
  • On coverage issues, “tonight they did a good job of finding their guy in the slot area where we are supposed to have somebody and a lot of times 2 guys there and they were able to find them and get some opportunities and lucky for us Hank made some real nice saves.”
  • Vigneault says “forget about this one (laugh) lets move on”
  • On Henrik Lundqvist and 302, “he seemed real happy after the game too (big laughing) I thought he would have preferred a better defensive game in front of him there but some nights are like this and he got the win and we move on to Columbus, see ya later.”