Recap: Alain Vigneault On The Michael Kay Show

Earlier this afternoon Alain Vigneault was a guest on The Michael Kay Show:

  • On his thoughts right now, “Your talking about an original six team that has a very good team. Excited would not sum it up. I am really pleased that I have the opportunity to coach the NY Rangers and I am looking forward to the challenge and opportunity.”
  • On his knowledge of the Rangers, “I’ve got a little bit the past couple of days, spending time with Glen, Jim and Jeff and their thoughts on it. I know we have great goaltending, but we have other solid pieces. They have been discussing their thoughts on the team and the improvements they have in mind. They are giving me the run down on the players and their thoughts. With my input once I get to know the players we can put the best team on the ice.”

  • On how good this team can be, “We feel we are one of the ten teams that can compete for the cup. I look at the lineup from goaltender out and this is a really good hockey team. Yes, there are areas we need to look at improve, but the foundation is real solid. It’s up to me, management and the staff we bring in to help me out to get the max out of this group. I’m told we have a lot of character, strong people on and off the ice and I am looking forward to getting to know them building this team.”
  • Offensive defensemen, “I would say it’s a combo of both. I have had some defensemen that I have encouraged to jump into the attack. It’s once of the best ways to create offense. Not knowing the defense real well, I feel that the potential is there. They have to be encouraged and shown the right time to do that and any time a defenseman can create an odd-man rush, you want that. That is part of puck possession and offensive game that I believe most people want to watch.”
  • On what went wrong with Tortorella, “I didn’t get into that with Glen or the staff. It wasn’t important to me. When I went through the interview process it was about them finding out about me and my thoughts, I don’t know anyone in the organization, on where the game is going and my thinking on players and staff members. I didn’t ask about John and it doesn’t really matter to me. Everyone has a nice clean slate and we can all decide what is written on that slate. I have a lot of respect for John both as a person, I know him personally and professionally, but that happened with his former players doesn’t matter now.”
  • On his early playoff knockouts, “Without making excuses and getting into specifics, we had some challenges in the past two years that as a group we weren’t able to handle. Six of the years I was in Vancouver we made the playoffs and four of those years we lost to the Stanley Cup champion so I have a good sense of what it takes to win in this league. I really believe that the experience I have gone through in Vancouver and Montreal has made me a better coach today and I will share that knowledge with the Rangers, their staff, players and fans as I understand my responsibility towards the fans and media. We are going to get the best out of this group.”
  • On Mark Messier, “I haven’t talked to him and until I do I want to save my remarks. I think it’s important to talk to Mark and get a feel for where he is.”
  • Is this team offensive enough, “on first glance, there is. I believe in having two solid offensive lines, a third line that is oriented towards two way hockey and fourth line that is an energy line. You need your defense to be part of that. I see the potential there, but I need some time to get to know the players not only personally but on the ice.”
  • First thing he wants to do when he moves to NY, “The first thing I want to do is get to know the highway system. The quicker I can learn the routes the less time I will spend in the car and be able to do the job I am being paid to do.”
  • “I believe that these are the best markets to play in.”
  • Best player he has ever coaches, “Without upsetting anyone, the twins. I call them one player because they are twins. They are outstanding hockey players and people.”
  • “It took me more than three and a half years to tell them apart. Daniel broke his foot and he wasn’t around for six weeks and I was able to see Hank.”