Alain Vigneault

Recap: Alain Vigneault on ESPN Radio

Alain Vigneault joined Don La Greca and Alan Hahn on The Michael Kay Show:

  • Does anything change from regular season to playoffs, “we aren’t going to change how we have played. In my estimation it’s been very successful since the beginning of December and allowed us to make a push here and to get into the playoffs which is not easy to do. Our style will not change but obviously what will change is preparing for one opponent. We need to win four games to move on. The Flyers have a great group of forwards, a good combo of skill, size and grit and a good group of D who move the puck well. We have a good challenge in front of us and our guys have prepared well for the past few days and we are looking forward to the opportunity to compete.”

  • Can you dictate it so that the series doesn’t turn to the Flyers style, “Obviously in games and series there is momentum and momentum shifts. If we hope to win this series we are going to hope to have more momentum and to play our type of game. Our type of game is smart two-way hockey and defend real well. When we get the puck we counter real well and go north/south and attacks the other teams defense and goaltender. That has permitted us to have a good ratio of goals for and goals against in the second half of the season. We know what the Flyers want to do but at the end of the day we need to put our best game on and that is what we will trying to do.”
  • On extra forwards and who will play, “I have but it’s not something I like to share with our fans and media and the opponent. It is something that we keep real close to our vest. At the end of the day I am not sure it makes much of a difference but the opposition, if they are not quite sure of our lineup is trying to prepare, they may have more to do and we will keep it close to the vest but I have made up my mind with who will play and who won’t play tomorrow.”
  • On Marty St. Louis, “without a doubt there is an experienced guy who has been through the battles and knows what needs to happen. I know Marty hasn’t been on the scoresheet as much as he expected and we expected and our fans expected but at the end of the day he did contribute and it allowed us to have a real strong half with him there, I think we were 11-4-2 with him there so at the end of the day you need stats but you need wins and he permitted us to win a lot of games.”
  • When did you start figuring out what you had, “somewhere between game 20 and 30, that gives you a decent amount of time and games to sort out the potential of your players, their skill set and the upside you need to work with them to allow them to be the best players that they can be. It took a couple of months and I would say that is normal for anyone coming into a new situation. From there we tweaked a couple of things that I thought would allow us to be better and perform better and we did in the second half.”
  • On the Flyers goalie change, “Not at all, both goalies are real solid and strong years when they were counted on. Emery has playoff experience, a couple of years ago he brought Ottawa to the Stanley Cup final. The only way to get into the playoffs is with good goaltending and we prepared for both goalies and we have a plan for him.”
  • Is there a timetable on Chris Kreider, “no, not at this time, he is still indefinite. He started to skate, is working out and hopefully at sometime we will have more information for everybody.”
  • On Marc Staal, “I haven’t had that exact discussion or question but since day one that I have had him there has been an enormous progression in his play. He is one of the best defenders that I have been associated with, he has great position, and I believe that since day 1 his puck movement and puck decision on when to jump up has greatly improved. I’m not really sure how he was a couple of years ago before the injuries but I can say that he has progressed.”
  • On home ice, “I think like I mentioned prior, if you have it you think it’s a good thing and if you don’t it’s not a big deal. For us, to play in front of our fans, we will feed off of it. We are very comfortable on the road or at home. It’s gonna be a tough series, we need to take it one at a time and that is what we will do.”
  • How is MSG like, “it’s a fantastic place. The fans are right there from puck drop to the final instance. They are pushing for you and to have fans who are knowledgeable and understand the game and passionate about it, it helps you and moving forward our players are really looking forward to the game tomorrow.”