Read: Striking Gold With Alain Vigneault

While being introduced as Alain Vigneaulthead coach of the Vancouver Canucks, John Tortorella noted that he spent every other day of the past two weeks speaking with former Canucks coach and current Rangers coach Alain Vigneault about how they switched jobs and the new situations they are in.

Tortorella added that he thinks Vigneault is a “hell of a coach” and will do great things with the Rangers.

In mid-June, Pierre LeBrun wrote at  that the Rangers have “struck gold” with their hiring of Vigneault and that he is a great coach and great communicator.

LeBrun adds that having coached in Vancouver and Montreal, there isn’t anything that Vigneault hasn’t already come across and dealt with.

Kevin Weekes told the Rangers website, “He is very fair. He is demanding but fair. He will hold his players accountable but do so in a way that is fair. A lot of guys became stars under his watch.”

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