Read: Patrick Sharp and Claude Julien talk about Alain Vigneault

Alain VigneaultDuring the Stanley Cup Final, when Alain Vigneault was hired, the Daily News spoke with Bruins coach Claude Julien and Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Sharp about Vigneault.

Vigneault and Julien coached against each other in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final and the Blackhawks and Canucks have an intense rivalry that dates back to 2009.

Julien told the Daily News that Vigneault is a very hard worker, a good coach and a smart guy. Julien said that Vigneault’s life is dedicated to hockey and that he commands the respect of his players.

He adds that Vigneault has a lot of confidence in what he believes as a coach and that comes through when he is dealing with his players.

Julien and Vigneault are old friends dating back to their time as teammates in the early 80s.

Sharp said that in their games against the Canucks he always felt that they were well coached, played their system and managed to play on the edge while being disciplined.

Sharp said that while Vigneault allowed his top players in Vancouver to do what they wanted and be creative in the offensive zone, those same players always came back hard to play defensive.

Playing strong hockey in the offensive and defensive zones is what Sharp called “the sign of a good coach.”