Read: How Alain Vigneault Stayed Positive and Turned Things Around

Alain VigneaultIn the Daily News, Brad Richards told Pat Leonard that during the Rangers sluggish start to the season Alain Vigneault had a lot of meetings with individual players and with the leadership group to figure out how to get things on the right track.

He said that Vigneault put a lot of faith in the leadership group and his coaching staff to bring people together and put them on the same and correct page.

Richards said that Vigneault was honest and direct in those meetings but there was never a moment where the players didn’t feel as if Vigneault was behind them 100%.

Vigneault said that there are certain things he talks to the group about but overall he likes himself and his coaches to work with players by line or individually to help them best understand what is expected and to help them become better.

When asked how he managed things during the west coast swing, Vigneault said that he told his players to be themselves and that he has a good idea, after coaching a long time, of how to best to get through to them.”

The player spoke recently about the differences between Alain Vigneault and John Tortorella.

John Giannone said on his Bleeding Blueshirts Podcast, “there is more coaching and instructing on the bench and less yelling and punishment.

Adam Rotter: Vigneault has always put his players front and center to take control of things and create an atmosphere of the players holding each other accountable for what happens on the ice. It’s not so different from how the team worked two seasons and wanted to work last season. It works for this team because it’s a change from John Tortorella’s style and because the Rangers have a core group of leaders that the rest of the team respects. This is an established team that has guys who lead by example and expect the others to follow suit.