Read: Glen Sather’s Comments on Alain Vigneault and The Changing Game

Alain Vigneault, Glen SatherRangers President and General Manager Alain Vigneault spoke at length during the press conference yesterday about new Rangers coach Alain Vigneault and the offensive style of play he plans to bring to the Rangers.

Sather said “I think he is one of the top coaches in the NHL and we are very fortunate to be able to sign him. He has worked in a lot of big markets and he knows the type of system what we like to have here, it’s the same system he has had in Vancouver for the past seven years. He has been very successful. He is articulate, intelligent and well organized. He loves the offensive game which a lot of us do today and I think that today’s game has changed and I particularly enjoy that style of game.”

He added, “That is not to criticize anyone who likes the defensive part of hockey because that is important as well. The game has changed a bit over the past 3 or 4 years and if you are watching the Stanley Cup playoff today there is a lot more offense going on. A 6-5 game is more interesting than a 1-0 game. The game has changed and I like his style of play and how his players have reacted to him over the years. He has been in Montreal and Vancouver, I had a conversation this morning with Serge Savard about when AV coached his junior team in Montreal and Serge is a sharp hockey guy who had nothing but high acclaim for AV. I welcome you to the NYR, I think we are going to have a lot of fun together and lets enjoy ourselves for the next five years.”

Sather also opened his remarks by thanking John Tortorella for his time with the Rangers but also said “I expect we will have a better time over the next five years.”

In his session with the media, Sather said of Vigneault that he picked the right guy to lead this team.

He added that the presence of Vigneault as a free agent helped him make the decision on John Tortorella, “It probably had something to do with it, but at that stage I am not even sure I knew what happened to Vancouver. If you look over the years, when you make a coaching change  you look at guys who can take over the job. This us a guy who is a well respected coach and happens to be available. It’s not say that you lose your job you are a bad coach. Scotty Bowman was fired. You don’t get fired because you are a bad coach, you get fired because something changes.”