Read: Tanner Glass on penalty killing and thinking he can be equal to Brian Boyle in some areas

Alain Vigneault has mentioned that Tanner Glass will likely see some PK time with the Rangers this coming season.

Glass has been a regular on the PK for the last three seasons and says that while he is replacing a “great penalty killer” in Brian Boyle, he thinks that there are some areas, like shot blocking, where he is comparable to Boyle. (Rangers Website)

In 13-14, Glass averaged 1:38 per game on the PK and had 57 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 2:04 PK, 54 blocked)

  • In the playoffs he averaged 2:14 per game and had 8 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 2:41 PK, 32 blocked)

In 2013, Glass averaged 1:17 per game on the PK and had 21 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:53 PK, 30 blocked)

  • In the playoffs he averaged 1:14 per game and had 2 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:37 PK, 18 blocked)

In 11-12, Glass averaged 1:47 per game on the PK and had 51 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:59 PK, 83 blocked/2:38 PK, 17 blocked in playoffs)

In 10-11, Glass averaged 1:02 per game on the PK and had 29 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:56 PK, 86 blocked)

  • In the playoffs he averaged 10 seconds per game and had 11 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:49 PK, 6 blocked)

In 09-10, Glass averaged 45 seconds per game on teh PK and had 19 total blocked shots. (Boyle: 1:34 PK, 41 blocked)

He said that penalty killing is the part of his game that has come along the most, he is comfortable as a PKer and he hopes to be a big part of the Rangers PK. (Rangers Website)



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