Stats: Dan Boyle’s presence on the PP and Ryan McDonagh

It’s likely that Ryan McDonagh and Dan Boyle will be at the points on the Rangers top PP unit next season. (ESPN)

On the PP last season:

  • Dan Boyle:
    • (Regular season) 6 goals, 12 assists/3:38 per game. 54 shots on goal, 20 that missed the net, 40 were blocked. 47.4% of his shots were on net and from an average of 44.1 ft out.
    • (Playoffs) 3 assists/4:44 per game, 9 shots on goal, 2 shots that missed, 10 that were blocked. 42.9% of his shots were on goal and from an average of 47.6%. (ES)
  • Ryan McDonagh:
    •  (Regular season) 2 goals, 11 assists/2:52 per game. 39 shots on goal, 12 that missed the net and 24 that were blocked. 52% of his attempts were on net and from 47.9 ft out.
    • (Playoffs) 2 goals, 5 assists/4:23 per game. 14 shots on goal, 10 shots that missed the net, 17 blocked. 34.1% on net from an average of 42.7 ft out.

Right after Boyle signed, Alain Vigneault said “he will bring experience and help on the PP and he has been able to log important minutes on a good team the last few years. We are happy to have him on board.”

Boyle said,The PP was one of the spots where I hope to come in and help and something that I have been doing for many years now and hopefully I can help out and improve it.”

Asked about the pressure that will come from being on the PP, Boyle said, “I am expecting that. It’s part of the deal and pucks hop over your stick and they think it’s your fault and you deal with it.” (Rangers)

 Boyle has spoken about the PP and his role on it.