Read: Ryan McDonagh will have a target on his shoulder

Ryan McDonagh2:45PM: McDonagh said today (Rangers):

  • “I feel good and am excited to get in a game tomorrow.”
  • On wanting to play, “I’m excited, these guys, being able to watch a few games, it’s a fun team to watch and even better to be on the ice. Just try to make an influence every shift.”
  • Is there benefit to rest, “you aren’t playing every other night you will feel better legs wise but I am just excited to try and make good decisions and try to win.”

More from McDonagh, below

1:50PM: McDonagh told reporters today that he has no restrictions on anything with his shoulder and there is no point in asking him about it anymore. (NY Post)

8:35AM: Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers opponents in the playoffs, which is now confirmed as the Flyers, will go out of their way to target the injured left shoulder of Ryan McDonagh. (NY Post)

Brooks says that the puck will be dumped in on McDonagh’s corner each time down the ice and forecheckers will arrive “with malice” to put his shoulder into the boards. (NY Post)

Brooks says that it could be a situation reminiscent of the last time the Rangers played the Flyers in the playoffs where Trent Klatt hurt Brian Leetch’s right wrist.

Elliotte Friedman writes that McDonagh’s shoulder will definitely be tested by the Flyers. (CBC)

Sc0tt Hartnell said that the Flyers definitely want to be physical with McDonagh but not in a way that will cause them to take a penalty. (Ranger Rants)

2:40PM: Wayne Simmonds says that he will certainly hit McDonagh if he is on the ice against him and that the Flyers will want to put pucks into the corner and “punish” him so that he will wear down over time. (Ranger Rants)

  • Do you expect them to go after you, “it’s going to happen, they will chip it on my side and it’s part of the game and I don’t think it will be a coincidence.”
  • “I’ve been feeling good on the ice, good legs, good jump and if that is because I was out so be it.”
  • On the Flyers, “it’s intense, seems like every game is so close, 1-2 goal games. No one blows each other out of the water. Focus on our game and what has gotten us into this position and not getting caught on long changes and doing it as a unit of five and playing their roles.”
  • “You wipe away what has happened. There have been a lot of big games between the two teams in my four years so you need to forget about the past and focus on your team and how you need to play.”
  • “I wouldn’t expect it to be different than any other player out there.”
  • On game 1 at MSG, “we were pushing for it down the stretch and I was excited for our guys to close it out. We need to use it to our advantage for sure.”
  • On getting the cob webs out today, “I feel good and everything feels pretty much normal.
  • “there is no small play, a breakout or chip out, you need to bear down and make that play. You don’t want to be caught too long because that is where they can capitalize. Bearing down on special teams will be important.”
  • On their top line, “they have a great mix of speed and physicality and creativity to their game. You need to make them defend and spend time in their own zone. We are going to try and make them defend, keep it in their own zone and make them defend there.”


Josh MacIntosh
Josh MacIntosh

Sounds like we need to be physical with Mason's head in return

Vincent Louie
Vincent Louie

Ok and the first time Ryan gets put into the boards, the this team better put the flyers in the ice


McDonagh should play it the way oldschool Ted Lindsay or Mark Messier would: use your elbow or buttend of the stick as a deterrent to the forechecker.

Jimmy Passadino
Jimmy Passadino

You hear this refs...

Make sure you aren't looking at the broad in the stands when they are taking runs at our team MVP!