Read: John Tortorella Thinks That Ryan McDonagh Is More Than A Shut Down Player

Ryan McDonagh, Scott HartnellIn game four against the Bruins, Ryan McDonagh played 29:43 and led all Rangers in ice time.

McDonagh had two shots on goal, four missed shots, two hits and three blocked shots.

Derek Stepan told the NY Post that this was nothing different for McDonagh and that he is doing the same thing he has all year.

Dan Girardi said that even though he is only in his third year, McDonagh expects a lot out of himself every night and has the ability, with his skating and puck handling, to take control of games.

Yesterday, John Tortorella was asked about McDonagh and said “he is probably one of the most intense, competitive person and players I have seen at such a young age. You don’t notice that edge about him on the ice, but he is a guy who wants to be there and he just competes. It’s not flashy but it’s in him. I love that about him and as I have always said, if he makes a mistakes it doesn’t take him five shifts to get it back, he is ready on the next one. It’s an intangible that he has, a mental toughness. He is one of the best at that on our team.”

Tortorella also praised McDonagh’s offensive skills and said that it isn’t fair to label him as just a shut down defender and that being a complete player is one of McDonagh’s goals., “he wants to become that complete player and he is so wet behind the years with his age and what he needs to learn about the position. It’s really encouraging.”

McDonagh had four goals and 15 assists in the regular season, while averaging 38 seconds on the PP per game.

In the playoffs, McDonagh has one goal and three assists and is averaging 42 seconds per game on the PP.

Tortorella said yesterday that he has screwed up in not putting McDonagh on the ice for the PP more.