Note: Ryan McDonagh Is Feeling Better Than Expected/Seems Like He Wants To Play Tomorrow

2:41PM: McDonagh said today:

  • On tomorrow, “As long as the rest of this day I feel good, by tomorrow I should be good to go.”
  • On how he felt/what was bothering him, “I was just a little shaken up. I didn’t quite have the energy level. It was mostly just an energy level thing, my body wasn’t feeling recovered. I needed another day to get back to normal and it’s exciting.”
  • On the hit, “I don’t feel anything about the hit. It is part of the game. Whatever happened, happened. I am just trying to get back on the ice. It’s just a game of hockey.”
  • On how he feels right now, “I’ve made great progress. I am back at the energy level I am used to. I felt better than expected after not being on the ice for a few days. Nothing serious came about, I felt good on the ice.”
  • On waiting to come back into the game on Saturday, “I wanted to. We talked with the training staff and they didn’t want to risk anything. The way I feel now I am happy with that decision.”

12:53PM: According to Katie Strang, Ryan McDonagh is feeling better than he thought he would and she thinks that it’s an indication that McDonagh will be able to return to the Rangers lineup tomorrow.

Pat Leonard said that McDonagh told the media he was staying off the ice as a precaution because he was tired.

McDonagh needed 12 stitches in his lip after the hit.

He told Andrew Gross that he had no issue with the hit from Pacioretty and that it’s just part of the game.