Note: Ryan McDonagh Has Not Returned (Updates)

10:21PM: John Tortorella provided no update on Ryan McDonagh.

Andrew Gross speculates that it is a concussion.

10:10PM: John Tortorella opened up his press conference, on HNL, by saying, “how high did Pacioretty jump on his hit? Can anyone give me an answer? I’m asking you guys…over/under?”

9:13PM: McDonagh will not return according to the Rangers broadcast.

9:10PM: Ryan McDonagh has not returned to the Rangers bench since going to the locker room in the second period.

McDonagh was knocked into the glass face first by Max Pacioretty.

Pacioretty drove his elbow into the upper part of his back and his face and upper body were smooshed against the glass.

PHT notes that McDonagh hit Pacioretty earlier in the game.