Recap: Rick Nash’s Comments Today (Feels Good)

Rick NashRick Nash skated with the Rangers today, in a non-contact jersey, and spoke after practice, via Rangers Report:

  • On a time table, “Hopefully as soon as possible but I need some good practices, today is really my first one. We will see how it goes tonight and get back at it on the next practice day.”
  • How did you feel today, “I felt pretty good today…better than what I thought I would feel. I felt that I kept up but there is still work that needs to be done.”
  • On itching to take contact, “I think right now I am just following the doctors plan and seeing the trainer. WE have been following it this long so no point in going off of it now.”

  • On what that plan is, “I think just getting the wind up, the conditioning up and then the contact.”
  • On how much gym work he needs, “it was four weeks of not a lot so it’s definitely something that everyday I have been skating for the last five days I have been in the gym working just as hard and trying to get that back.”
  • Is it comparable to starting training camp again, “not really. It’s probably a bit tougher because you are working out right up to training camp so it’s tough to have something to relate it to any other situation.”
  • Have you heard from Hockey Canada, “No. I’m worried about right now and what we have to do with the Rangers. That stuff will figure itself out.”
  • What did you do during the down time, “I tried to stay away from TV because they wanted me to rest my brain. A lot of sleep and relaxing, going for walks and things like that. Kind of whatever the doctors and Rammer told me to do, that is what I did.”
  • On needing to take a “really good body check” before coming back, “I’m confident now that I am okay with the symptoms and stuff.When a guy comes back from any injury you always want to get into some bumping, some one on one play in the corners during practice and I am sure that I will do the same thing in the coming weeks.”