Rick Nash expects to be booed at the All-Star Game

Rick Nash1/24/15 | 7:17PM: Nash was booed heavily during introductions at the skills competition. He had a big smile on his face.

1/23/15 | 12:39PM: Rick Nash is an alternate captain for team Jonathon Toews at the All-Star game this weekend but said that he was not offered the role of captain in his return to Columbus. (Portzline)

He said that he would have accepted the role of being captain had it been offered, saying “it would have been great.” (Portzline)

Nash said that much like his return to Columbus with the Rangers, he expects to be booed but added that he wouldn’t expect anything different. Nash said that he is the enemy now and didn’t have the “cleanest” way of leaving the Blue Jackets.  (NHL.com)

He has been booed when he touches the puck during the Rangers/Blue Jackets games in Columbus.

Nash said that he is going to the game to have fun and hopes that the fans have fun as well. (Dispatch)

Bryan Soto
Bryan Soto

dont worry nash we love you here in ny