Read: Neil Smith Doesn’t Think That The Rangers Should Trade For Rick Nash

In the NY Post, Mark Everson speaks with former Rangers GM Neil Smith who says that the impact that a trade for Rick Nash would have may not be good for the Rangers.

“When you look at it on the surface, it looks like too big a change, because that player is going to be such an integral part of the team,” Neil Smith said. “It seems like a massive change. With our changes, although large in numbers, there was nobody was going in and upsetting what had really be the core of the team that got you there. Nobody’s ice-time was drastically affected by what we did.

He says that a deal of this magnitude should happen in the offseason when there will be more time for the new player to adapt, “When you get a star player like [Nash], you’re going to affect a number of players’ time as the dominoes fall. When you do it in the summer, you have time for adjustment — not just in training camp, but during the months leading up to the playoffs — and everyone adjusts to the world the way it is that season. When you do it at the deadline, that guy goes right into the fire and the team has to adapt around him immediately.”