Read: Is This The Rangers Slump and How That Impacts Rick Nash

At NY Mag, Joe Delessio says that by losing two of their last three games and only scoring five goals in the process, the Rangers are in the midst of a slump.

Delessio writes, “There’s no reason to panic here: The Rangers have done an excellent job this season bouncing back after losses and avoiding prolonged slumps. (They haven’t lost consecutive games since mid-December.) And so if this is as bad as it gets — two losses in three games following a terrific ten-game stretch — they’ll be just fine.”

The Rangers have not lost back to back games since playing Dallas and St. Louis in December.

In the NY Post, Larry Brooks says that depending on how the Rangers fare in their next two games, Glen Sather may be willing to sweeten the Rangers reported offer for Rick Nash.

This wasn’t supposed to be the year for the Rangers, who have been building an organization meticulously to the owner’s delight. Everyone knows that, too.

But now they’re here. And now they’re slumping the week before the deadline with a marquee, big-contract player whom the general manager likes and who can fill an immediate need on the market.

It will be fascinating to see how much impact the 27 hours between 7 p.m. tomorrow and 10 p.m. Saturday will have on Sather’s pursuit of Nash.

To believe it will have no impact is foolish.

The trade deadline is Monday at 3PM.