BUZZ: The Rangers Players WANT Rick Nash and The CHANCE That Brandon Dubinsky Is Traded

John Buccigross of ESPN tweets:

He then adds, “One more Ranger point: Kreider is a prospect and players, especially vets will always prefer a Nash over a guy that could take 3-4 years”


this is interesting and the writer hits on a lot of vital points that I agree with........

I would do the reverse: take a top-3 WR in Round 1 and a beast RB in Round 2: Coleman, Ajayi, Duke Johnson…..with 2 picks you make your offense more dynamic……then, do BPA, Defense, OL, LB, Safety, et al, after that……it’s all about Eli………

2015 NFL Draft: Georgia RB Todd Gurley a dark-horse candidate for Giants at No. 9

Now to the Giants specifically taking Todd Gurley in the draft there are good reasons for this as well from a positional needs standpoint. The Giants running game was poor last year and the blame for that rests squarely on the offensive line, at least according to most analysts and fans, but that is misleading. The running game was poor because the running backs on the team are, at best, average players.

 With that being said, Jennings is a career journeyman who  is 30 years old and has never had a 1,000-yard season.

 The point is, if you were drawing up a positional needs chart for a team in the league and were only prehom averaged 4.0 yards per carry last year) you would have to assume that running back was a priority need for that team…………….But they didn't produce as well as they should have last year.

 The argument is made that the Giants offensive line is terrible, but again that is not entirely true. No matter what metric you use -- Pro Football Focus scores, Cold Hard Football Facts Hog Index, Football Outsiders DVOA, or even the eye test -- the Giants last year had what amounts to an average offensive line in the NFL.

Williams and Jennings seem like great guys, but neither are special. And neither are even  above average.


I don't think there's much interest here from the guess is they pass on him......I'm not feeling any love here from them to him..........

Michael Stewart
Michael Stewart

@thom it would seem to me if the Giants really wanted to sign Brown, they would have already. There's always a possibility that they still will. Regardless, I can see Reese drafting a Safety somewhere between rounds 4-7.

I like Durrell  Eskridge and Eric Rowe (played both S/CB in college)