BUZZ: Rick Nash Is Impacting The Rangers Decision Making

On TSN’s The Quiz/Insider Trading, Pierre LeBrun says that the Rangers are the front runners for Nash and that their discussions on Nash have been delaying other things that the Rangers are looking to do at the trade deadline.

He picked the Rangers as the team that Nash would be on at 3PM on Monday.

Darren Dreger said San Jose and Bob McKenzie said that a deal wouldn’t happen and he would stay in Columbus.

Pierre LeBrun said that John Tortorella told Pierre not to do “The Quiz” and that “the quiz sucks.” Bob McKenzie says that when Torts worked at TSN, he hated being on TV but loved watching the games with the guys.

Tortorella worked for TSN after being fired by Tampa Bay and before being hired by the Rangers.

On January 1, 2009 during the Quiz Segment this exchange happened:

Question No. 2: Should the New York Rangers bring back Sean Avery?

John Tortorella: No, and I don’t even want to talk about Avery.