Report: Rick Nash Meets The Media

Just two days after being traded to the Rangers, Rick Nash had his first meeting with the NY media at the Rangers practice facility earlier this afternoon.

After spending the last few months hanging in the balance, Nash is where he wanted to be and the excitement was apparent in his voice.

Nash said that, “it doesn’t matter who he plays with,” and he expects the Rangers to remain a top team.

The expectations of being in New York didn’t seem to frighten the calm and collected forward who already is putting the team first, saying that he would rather be in first place come the all-star break than play in front of his former hometown crowd in the all-star game.

The thrill of Manhattan and the spotlight of New York seemed to entice the 28-year old, who is anxious to get familiar with his new surroundings and meet his new teammates.

Nash joked that he hopes the “we don’t want you” chants that occurred when Columbus played at Madison Square Garden in February change quickly.