Recap: Rick Nash On The Michael Kay Show

  • Is he as locked in as it seems: “Yea, I feel I’m getting better and better. More comfortable”
  • 7 Third Period goals: “I will take them whenever I can”
  • How much did the lockout hurt? “There are no excuses right now. We didn’t have the start we wanted but things are starting to come around. We are keeping things simple and sticking to the system which works.”
  • How he developed his stickhandling, “A lot of days in the garage just playing road hockey. I played lacrosse my whole life. It was something I always worked on and still do.”
  • On NY, “It’s great. It’s been everything and more than I thought it would be. Coming from Toronto this is what hockey should be. You have the pressure to win every single night and I feel that is how it should be.”

  • On the PP, “There is definitely a lot of talent. We were trying to make pretty plays and now we are taking shots, getting rebounds and it’s working out.”
  • On the standings, “every player is different. I have learned not to look at the playoffs, I don’t look at the standings too much. I just worry about winning the next game, it sounds cliche but it’s the truth, I just worry about the next two points.”
  • On almost scoring on Henrik Lundqvist Sunday, “Torts asked me what happened and I told him that I lost an edge. I don’t think he would have been laughing had the puck gone on.”
  • On Marc Staal, “It’s scary. You just hope he is okay and everything is fine and you find out more as the week goes on. He is a big loss, not too many people can fill his spot. We just hope for a speedy and full recovery.”
  • On visors, “I think it’s the highest league and guys play their whole career and if you want to wear one you do and if you don’t you don’t. I think it should be the players option.”
  • Why he wears a visor, “To protect my eyes and just vision. It’s a vision preference. Some guys have them fog up and they can’t see.  I would never take mine off.”
  • Are wearing or not wearing visors an issue of being “macho?””That is old school and I think you are seeing guys who play hard play with visors. I think it’s a personal preference. I am all for them.”
  • On the Kaleta suspension, “I thought it was okay. It doesn’t matter what we think. You just want a respect around the league and guys to take care of each other.”
  • His favorite Rangers rivalry,”Islanders so far. The fans were a bit more excited. Philly as well. It’s some good rivalries. Every game seems like there is bad blood and we get everyone’s best shot.”
  • Do you like the nickname Nashty, “It doesn’t matter to me. They can call me whatever they want as long as we keep winning.”
  • On JT Miller, “I think he has been good. He started strong, then there is an adjustment period and lately he has been great. He played big minutes against some great players last night.”
  • Yankees or Mets? “Yankees”