Recap: Rick Nash On The Michael Kay Show Yesterday/Thinks Chris Kreider Can Be A Superstar


  • “I’m very excited. After watching them last year you can tell they are a very good. The expectations are going to be even higher and I would like to help out anyway that I can.”
  • On chemistry, “we are doing our best. On the ice it just comes down to gelling together and understanding the game.”
  • On making Nash feel comfortable, ” there are four new guys that they have been focusing on. They play a different system, but it’s one that works. It takes time to gain chemistry but we are working hard on that.”
  • On line mates ” they have been all over the place.”
  • On Being a class organization, “coming from Toronto where Hockey is a huge deal, it’s awesome to come here where hockey is such a big deal. This just seems different, like Ranger fans are really passionate. It’s tough to explain how they have been first class and how they make you feel at home.”
  • On being injured, “everything is good. I’ve been seeing doctors and I’m ready to go.”
  • On the rumors, “it was a tough year. Every single morning there was a different rumor. I think I played here two days before the deadline. At the end of the day it didn’t work out at the deadline and I am glad that it worked out this way with a new team and in a city I am happy to be in.”

  • On goal scoring pressure, “there is pressure for sure. I have felt pressure my whole career. I played in a city where they depend on winning to sell tickets and pay their players. I have played in the Olympics, World Championships. I am going to embrace it. I know I have a big job ahead of me and I am lucky that I have 21 other players who have proved to be great players in the NHL.”
  • On the stage, ” this is what I dreamed of. Playing in an Original Six market, playing in front of sold out fans every night. This is what it was like growing up in Toronto.”
  • On Chris Kreider, “I’ve talked to him quite a bit. It was tough for him to come in and have a roller coaster in the playoffs. The coaches have been working with him a lot. It’s just the different little things that young players need to learn. From what I have seen on the ice he has all the tools to be a superstar in this league.”
  • On Torts, “He is intense for sure. The practice pace is so fast and there is no rest and you can tell why his teams are always in the best shape in the NHL.”
  • “I feel as if I am ahead a bit. The speed of the game isn’t as quick. It will probably take a couple of games to get into the flow.”
  • On the schedule, “It’s kind of a catch-22, if you pace yourself you don’t have time to rebound if you lose. If you go into every game as hard as you can you could burn out or get injured.