Read: The Official Reasoning For Why Rick Nash Wasn’t Disciplined

9:09PM: On HNIC, Glenn Healy said of the Nash hit “with all the debate about the hit, here is the thing I am looking for: the principal point of contact is clearly his back, not his head. Does he leave his feet and launch himself to make this hit…no… his feet are on the ice. It is not a suspension.”

Elliotte Friedman said that no matter the result, that is the kind of play that can’t be in hockey anymore.

10:21AM: Last night, the NHL Department of Player safety released a video on why Rick Nash didn’t face any supplemental discipline for his hit on Tomas Kopecky Thursday night.

The video, which was not narrated by Brendan Shanahan, stated:

Although we do not believe this was a legal hit, we believe that it doesn’t rise to the level of supplemental discipline. As the video shows, Kopecky turns right before Nash makes contact which contributes to the impact of the hit. Furthermore, Nash does not target Kopecky’s head nor is it the principal point of contact.

Instead, Nash makes initial contact with Kopecky’s shoulder and nameplate and as a result, his arm rises up Kopecky’s back causing him to lose his helmet and fall forward.

In summary:

  • Kopecky turns right before contact
  • Kopecky’s head is not targeted nor is it the principal point of contact

Combining these factors, we believe that Rick Nash’s hit on Tomas Kopecky does not rise to the level of supplemental discipline.

THIS SECTION is all about the Nash non-suspension.

Bob McKenzie tweeted that if the decision was up to him, Nash would have been suspended for a game or two.