Read: The Need To Protect Rick Nash At All Costs/How Nash Feels About Headshots

Rick NashIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that it’s incumbent upon the Rangers to have their players protect Rick Nash and retaliate properly if he is hit.

Brooks says that the players need to play with the mindset that a “blow delivered against Nash is tantamount to a strike against the Rangers franchise itself.”

He adds that the Rangers must adopt the mentality that Marty McSorely played with when he was with Wayne Gretzky, that any player on the ice with Gretzky has to be willing to take a game misconduct at any time.

Brian Boyle told John Giannone before the game yesterday that all of the Rangers need to protect each other.

Nash spoke with Brooks about headshots in the NY Post and said that they are a “serious problem” in the game and that it seems like there is one nearly every night.

He added that the players union needs to get together and find a way to eliminate head shots and have the players show more respect for each other and their futures.