Read: The Balance That Rick Nash Brings To The Lineup

While Marian Gaborik is will miss the beginning of the season, he is expected to be able to return to the lineup by mid-November and give the Rangers their full compliment of players.

Many suggest that when Gaborik does return it will be on one line while Rick Nash will be on another. Gaborik said at Blueshirts United that a strategy like that will probably work best.

“The opposition now has to watch more guys. They have to decide who to put their top D-pair against. So to have that kind of balance on our team, the pressure spreads throughout the team in terms of scoring. He is going to help that way, for sure. We’re going to have more power offensively, and that’s big for us.”

Michael Del Zotto said of Nash “To have someone like Rick Nash coming over is only going to make us more lethal.”

Adam Rotter: That balance is key, especially in the playoffs where matchups are so critical and strong teams can shut down one line. The ability to have a real scorer, or two depending on where Chris Kreider is, on each of the top two lines makes the Rangers a much deeper, dangerous and harder to game plan against.