Rick Nash

Read: Rick Nash’s Game Seven and being encouraged

In game seven against the Flyers, Rick Nash played 17:44 and had five shots on goal, 3 shots that were blocked, two that missed the net and 5 hits.

Nash said on MSG that a goal would have been nice but a win for the team is much better. He adds that he continues to try and get his game going.

Alain Vigneault said on Wednesday night, “I know a lot of times there is a lot of emphasis put on the scoresheet but he made so many big plays tonight, so many big defensive plays and those are just as important as a goal.”

Vigneault said earlier today, “anybody who watched our game seven knows the compete level that he brought to the table and the level that he contributed. He is a key component to us moving on and that is what I expect tonight.”

Larry Brooks wrote that Nash was involved on “essentially” every even strength shift and while he couldn’t score, he was “all in.” (NY Post) 

Dave Maloney said on MSG, “at the end of the day he will be judged on his offensive production but like that game in Columbus he played with anger. Hands down it was Nash’s best game of the series even though he won’t get on the scoresheet.”

Adam Rotter: It’s another chance for Rick Nash to make an impact and prove what kind of player he is and can be. The Rangers need the player that was there in game seven, the player that was there in Columbus and a player who is engaged both offensively and physically. The Rangers need Rick Nash and he has another chance to show he can be the difference maker he thinks he can be and that the Rangers thought they were acquiring.


So Nash took 5 shots and if the Flyers played without a goalie, it wouldn't have made a bit of difference. His lack of production is almost funny...almost.