Read: Rick Nash Showed His Talent Last Night/Has The Assist Of The Year

Rick Nash THNOn Tuesday night against the Bruins, Rick Nash provided the “assist of the year,” according to James Duthie of TSN, when he set up Carl Hagelin to give the Rangers a 1-0 lead.

According to Pierre LeBrun of  ESPN, his colleague at TSN, Darren Pang let out a “holy jumpin!” when he saw the move Nash made.

LeBrun said that the move was “simply out of this world.”

In describing this move, Rick Nash told the Daily News that he felt he had a step on Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference and when he realized he didn’t he cut back, slipped the pick through Ferences legs. Nash was then tripped up and said that he knew he didn’t have a chance for a clean shot, but spotted Hagelin out of the corner of his eye and made the pass to him as he was almost flat on the ice.

See the video of the goal HERE and two versions of it animated HERE.

In the shootout, Bruins announcer Andy Brickley said that Nash reminded him of Mario Lemieux.

A former teammate of Lemiuex’s agrees with the comparison.

Ron Duguay, who played with Lemiuex for parts of two seasons in the mid-80s said of Nash, “he reminds me of Mario. I played with Mario. I was amazed how a guy like that can be so calm with the puck. Nash is a skill player. He thinks about how he is going to beat you. He does all of these things in practice so that when it comes to game time, it’s show time.”

Jack Edwards compared Nash to Tarzan swinging on a rope in terms of the amount of moves he can make on the ice.

Joe Micheletti and Dave Maloney praised Nash for another effective night and said “he is something special with everything he does on the ice.”