Read: Rick Nash Is Pretty Good At Hockey

The Toronto Sun writes that Nash is “gleefully embracing this challenge as if it was a new chapter in his hockey life.”

Nash said that one perk of being a Ranger is being in “THE” Hockey Night in Canada game instead of maybe being a regional or late game with Columbus.

Last week, John Tortorella said of Nash, “O sh!!. You watch him. He beats people 1 on 1. He kills penalties. Third period he had a few quality chances to win the game, and I don’t think he is in great shape. He is really exciting to me as far as what he can be for this organization.”

Nash has one goal and four assists this season and leads the Rangers with 23 shots.

Adam Rotter: The only time I ever really watched Rick Nash was when he was playing for Canada in the 2010 Olympics. He dominated in that tournament and has been dominant for the Rangers so far this season. His numbers should probably be higher, he deserves to have more than one goal, but when you watch him you can see what kind of player he is and the impact he can have on a game.