Read: How The Rangers Welcomed Rick Nash To NY

Rick NashIn the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that many of the Rangers did everything they could to welcome Rick Nash to NY and make him feel part of the team and the city.

Henrik Lundqvist invited Nash and his girlfriend over to his apartment for a champagne toast and he told Brooks, “I know I was excited that we made the trade for him, so whatever I can do as a teammate, of course I’m going to be anxious to do that.”

Brooks adds that Nash went out to dinner with his former Olympic teammate Brad Richards and that Nash received countless phone calls from team members and people in the organization.

In response to all of this, Nash said that the Rangers are first class organization and  “As a player, it can be the little things that define an organization, and those were the things people were doing for me the first couple of days after I got here. They show you that they care about you.”

In an interview with the team’s website, Nash said about NY “becoming a New Yorker is a lot of fun. I really do feel that this is the best city in the world. There is always something to do, something going on. The biggest adjustment is the traffic and the amount of people and amount of energy. That is also one of the most fun things. There is so much energy and it makes you feel alive. It truly is a great city with all the great restaurants, museums, different shows, there is so much to do”

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Rangers acquiring Nash.