Note: Rick Nash Has The Same Philosophy As John Tortorella

Throughout the regular season many Rangers indicated that they generated their offense from their structure and play in the defense zone.

Ryan McDonagh said during the season that the Rangers used their defense to start their forecheck and set up plays off the rush.

John Tortorella said during the season that the Rangers can’t get on track offensively when they are off the tracks defensively

“I think we’ve lost ourselves a little bit defensively. Because of some slow decision-making, we’ve lost some of our defense, and our offense will not come back if we don’t get our defense straightened out.”

Ryan Callahan agreed with similar statements made by his teammates, “That’s the focus, to build off our defense to create chances at the other end. We have some guys struggling to produce but there’s a feeling of confidence in the room that comes from us staying within our defensive structure.”

In The Hockey News, Rick Nash said he believed in that same kind of philosophy “I played under Hitch for four years and I learned the defensive game then and I love it. You gain all your offense from solid defensive play. Hitch taught that to me at a young age and I really believe it”