NEWS: Brad Stuart Suspended 3 Games

2013-10-08 22.42.32The NHL Department of Player Safety has announced that Brad Stuart has been suspended 3 games for his head shot on Rick Nash.

Brendan Shanahan, in the video explanation, said “as the video shows, after playing a puck that has been rimmed around the boards, Nash makes a cross ice pass as Stuart steps up to hit him.”

“whenever our department dissects a reviewable check, especially one with so much head contact, we study the actions and responsibilities of both players involved. First is Rick Nash, before he posts up, he peeks across the ice and spots his linemate, he then turns his puck to accept the puck and in one motion opens up his body to make the cross ice feed. Although he has made himself more vulnerable to an oncoming check, he does not have his head in a lowered position nor does he duck, crouch or suddenly dip in a way that significantly contributes to his head being hit.”

“Then we study Brad Stuart, he is a vet defenseman with over 1700 hits in his career, none that have brought on a fine or suspension. As he approaches Nash, Stuart does many of the things that our department asks players to do when making hard legal checks. Although he comes at distance, he does not charge and delivers the hit in the proper time frame and he does not extend his elbow or forearm. His angle and timing are such that Stuart’s left shoulder is lined up squarely with Nash’s chest. Stuart, who is two inches shorter than Nash, unnecessarily extends the left side of his body upward, especially his left shoulder that makes Nash’s head the main point of contact and causing an injury.”

In Summary, Shanahan said:

  • This was an illegal check to the head
  • Nash suffered an injury
  • No history for Stuart other than a suspension for a stick foul in 2000-01

He will forfeit $55,384.62 in salary

Video and Stuart explanation from earlier in the day are below:


Stuart told Curtis Pashelka of the Bay Area News Group earlier today that he just “stepped up and hit the guy,” didn’t leave his feet and didn’t target the head.

He added “It depends on how they want to look at it, I guess. Apparently he has a concussion, so we will see.”

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